Ciara Shows You Why She’s Still The Number #1 Stunner

Ciara Shows You Why She’s Still The Number #1 Stunner


After a trying year of re-launching a career, getting engaged, being pregnant, giving birth and relationship issues rumors. A woman would need something for her to feel good and proud of herself, right? Ciara has done just that with finally showing off her post-pregnancy body and she looks better than ever. While giving guys like Trey Songz and Diggy Simmonsa “run for their money” in #MyCalvins.…

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Are You Down With The PSL?


Okay so sadly, Summer is almost over now that it’s September (sad face). It’s about to get cold so that means warmer clothes and warmer drinks! You can burst out the good old hot chocolate and marshmallows or you can swing by Starbucks and grab yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte- What did you think PSL meant?-

I never thought I would like anything pumpkin, but since I also work at Starbucks(I get…

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Christian Louboutin Tries His Hand At Cosmetics


Not only can he craft a mean ‘Pigalle‘, he is now making moves over into the Beauty Industries. Christian Louboutin is a very well known name to us all even if we don’t own a pair of his luxury masterpieces. He will be making collaborative efforts alongside Batallure Beauty naming the collection ‘Christian Louboutin Beaute‘. There will be a collection of bright colors inside of beautifully made…

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Promo Ready: Trey Songz Releases Visuals For “Change Your Mind” and Gives Early Listen To Album “Trigga”

Promo Ready: Trey Songz Releases Visuals For “Change Your Mind” and Gives Early Listen To Album “Trigga”



Just when you think he’s done giving, he gives a little more!

Trey Songz gave his Trey’s Angels a week early taste of his complete album “Trigga” over on MTV’s Artist page. *Disclaimer* THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION OF THE ALBUM AND YES IT MIGHT BE A LITTLE BIASED! LOL! My first listen to the album, I felt excited! At the same time as I’m listening further on, I’m like “Is he going to continue to…

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A week later and I am still feeing inspired with all the creative minds I saw under one building! The Red Bayou Fashion Week really opened my eyes to how many talented people we have right here in my own city. Everyone did an amazing job on such little time. It really showed how everyone takes so much pride in what they do. I had my mind set on getting my blog noticed, so I decided to show my face in order for people to understand where I’m coming from.

I can honestly say, the evening or shall I say “weekend” did not go as how I planned it in my head. I’m also okay with that. I was faced with numerous obstacles through out the process, yet I stayed optimistic. I took my work task as a well deserved experience. I, for sure, let my nerves get the best of me.

I was pissed about it at the beginning of the night. By the time the fashion show started my feelings changed a lot! I wanted to just enjoy the show. I people watched a lot to get a feel for how they worked the room. I actually saw two people who inspire me daily through their Instagram posts that live right here in the city of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Dream Big Or Live Small and Sleep Is For The Rich are two brands who I look to on how to be sure and confident of not only yourself, but your brand as well. I noticed one thing different from the both of them in how they work a room. Dream Big Or Live Small (Garret Sudds) has a get straight to the point way of working a room. He speaks to his fellow companions and goes straight to snapping up photos to capture the moment.

Sleep Is For The Rich (Nicki Daniels Jr.) instantly commands the room as soon as he walks in as if he owns the place. Neither of them ask any questions about their limitations on getting the job done. The more the event went on I felt like I could seriously do this with a strenuous amount of work behind it. I also found two new people to look to for motivation. The owners of VonRay Boutique were amazing to me! Their style, ideas, and just how downright creative they are resonated with me. I felt like they were me. (Minus my somewhat timidness). With all this being said , I am working behind the scenes to make LoveHateCritique the best blog it can be! I believe and see anything and everything is a possibility because of these people. Here are some photos of the fashion show courtesy of SleepIsForTheRich, Dream Big Or Live Small, RLamar Photography, VonRay Boutique, Jarret Warren, White Prophecy Photography!

My Experience At Red Bayou Fashion Week A week later and I am still feeing inspired with all the creative minds I saw under one building!

Hot Like Fire: Rihanna Poses For Lui Magazine (NSFW)


I say well hot damn!

For like a month now, we all saw the the steamy doggy style-esque pose that was floating around the Internet of a “bottomless” RiRi for Lui Magazine (Which we did not know the name of the mag at the time).The full photoshoot and magazine have been released and all I can say right now is “Woah”. I mean Rihannais just….. Carefree. Imagine being able to have all this money and…

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New Visuals: B. Smyth - Twerkoholic

New Visuals: B. Smyth – Twerkoholic


August Alsina isn’t the only newcomer making noise to be recognized as R&B’s music makers. New Artist B. Smyth (who really isn’t all that new) released the visuals for one more “twerk anthem”; his single “Twerkoholic“.

He made a quick stop by BET’s 106 & Park to talk about how he made the video for a “twerk” song “classy”. If you don’t know much about B. Smythhe has graced the airwaves before…

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Lala Anthony Switches It Up Just A Bit


Lala Anthony is pretty much a natural beauty to me. She almost always wears long tresses. She wears them well, I thought, until recently. She broke out a bold new light blonde bob thanks to her hairstylist Caesar. I honestly think this is the best she has ever looked! The new season of Lala’s Full Court Life Season premiers on VH1 on Wednesday May 7.


Lala and her hairstylist “Caesar



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Rihanna Can Celebrate 4/20 Like No Other!


You didn’t think 4/20 was going to roll on by (no pun intended) without an appearance from Rihanna?
*Silly rabbit

You know Rihanna and her bestie Melissahave do it up with the trimmings. For the past few years, she has made sure her attire has matched her drug of choice. She dawned a “marijuana” leaf pasty one piece bikini, marijuana leaf hoop earrings and a red and black marijuana leaf clutch.…

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Karrueche Tran Shows Sneak Peek At Photoshoot With “The Hundreds”

Karrueche Tran Shows Sneak Peek At Photoshoot With “The Hundreds”


So Karrueche Tran has been on her modeling grind to make sure people don’t laugh every time she mentions that she’s a model!

Chris Breezy‘s “Loyal” chick posted a little snack sized preview of her photoshoot with the clothing brand “The Hundreds” on her Instagram from their magazine website. In the words of their site Karrueche “Sizzles for The Summer” in a one woman car washing experience.


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